Interview With The Martini

Scoop! Our first one-on-one interview, and it's a biggie — the Martini! Grade "A" Fancy dishes the dirt with the most glamorous cocktail on the scene. Plus exclusive recipes will help pros and talented amateurs get her just right. You're welcome.


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You are looking at the latest issue of Grade "A" Fancy, the smart New Yorker's guide to smart New York, the foe of the faddish, delivering the big city, distilled and decanted by Karen McBurnie and Jon Hammer. This one is entitled "The Theater District in Aspic", wherein we explore some of the last vestiges of that neighborhood before it went all corporate. Through the miracle of digital publishing, Grade “A” Fancy magazine takes you on safari into the heart of Darkest Times Square, where chain stores are many and pleasures are few, in search of some nuggets of historical and gustatory interest.