Code Name: Cocktail

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Grade “A” Fancy in  collaboration with Liquorsnapper.com presents ~ 


The Exciting, Undercover, Top-Secret,
Daggers Danger ‘n’ Daiquiris
Supersloshy Side of Mid-Century Spy Fiction

By Vicky Sweat & Karen McBurnie
with Art and Design by Jon Hammer

What do you want?  Information.

What have we got?  40 sumptuous pages of cocktails, punches and poisons potions as imbibed by secret agents of mid-century fiction, including 13 original recipes concocted in our secret labs. Plus tips and tradecraft to weaponize your home bar.

Secret agents and strong beverages go together like Hitchcock and icy blondes, Ernst Stavro Blofeld and fluffy white cats, and without doubt, gin and vermouth. (Also clichés and spy fiction!)

Vicky and Karen presented a symposium, directed by Chris Karwowski, entitled The Spy Who Came In From The Pool based on this book at the 2017 Tiki Oasis weekender in San Diego.  Two tipples from the book, The Cloak and Stagger Punch and The Ejector Seat, were demonstrated.  All attendees survived, or so we are told.

What’s James Bond’s freakiest drink?  Where did Harry Palmer learn to mix properly?  Which cocktails are best with egg salad? What’s Alec Leamas’ favorite color?  (Just kidding – that’s classified.)
All is revealed in the pages of Code Name: Cocktail.
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