Hard-Boiled Apple


GRADE "A" FANCY RIPS THE LID OFF THE SENSATIONAL, LURID UNDERBELLY OF CRIME FICTION IN NEW YORK CITY! The Hardboiled Apple, our new map guide published by Herb Lester Associates snoops out 55 locations in the big town to tell the story.

Lurking around the corner, waiting to be uncovered: the places authors lived and worked, and the scenes of the crimes, from the dark beginnings of the genre to the gritty present. David Goodis’ poisoned streets and alleys, Richard Price’s combat zone Lower East Side, Chester Himes’ carnival-shooting-gallery version of Harlem. Inside info on a cast of characters as diverse as the city, ranging from the lowest brow to the highest: two-fisted gumshoes and femmes fatales, dogged detectives and supervillains. We've got the low-down on the genteel whodunitry of Van Dine; the Black Mask tough guys Hammett and Daly; the antisocial lone wolf from Spillane or Highsmith; the all-American organized crime family via Puzo or Condon.

Uncover the history of New York City suspense fiction from dime novels to pulp magazines to drugstore paperbacks and current best-sellers. Delivered in the high-class packaging you’ve come to expect from Herb Lester, with a handsome new large format map, plus a keen notebook to aid your sleuthing, just like the real gumshoes use.

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