See What the Elves in the Backroom Will Have, Bartender

It's that time again!

This Saturday, December 21, tune in to the Fool's Paradise program on the mighty WFMU for everyone's favorite radio sight gag, the holiday tradition the kids all cry for, as ace jock Rex hosts a way-out office party live on the air featuring the zaniest holiday-themed novelty records and on-air gift giving with a cast of celebrity merry-makers. Grade "A" Fancy's chief mixing officer Karen, your the Radio Bartender, will unveil a brand new cocktail cooked up specially for the occasion.

Tune in Saturday from 1 to 3pm on the Fun 91! In the New York City area it's WFMU 91.1 FM Jersey City, and 90.1 in the Hudson Valley. If you find yourself snowed in somewhere in the Yukon, you can listen in real time via the miracle of the internet, which I'm told is a series of tubes.

Don't you dare miss it!

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