Be the Toast of the Remote Hosts

Friends, we'll admit it. The New Reality has become problematic. In a word: bleccch.

One bright spot has been the digital cocktail parties we’ve attended with our pals, acquaintances, and friends of friends. In the ancient past, Ma Bell had a slogan promoting its long-distance service that went, “It’s the next best thing to being there.” The Zoomies and the Facetymes aren’t exactly that, but they’re all we got. Since remotely socializing seems to take up a such an important hunk of our lives now, the staff of Grade “A” Fancy took quill to electro-parchment and created a little something on the subject. The result is our instructional booklet, (The insider’s guide on how to be) The Toast of the Remote Hosts.

How do I host one myself? you ask. Our new all-original pamphlet gets right to the heart of the matter, with twenty-four stylishly illustrated pages full of tips to make your next remote happy hour a smashing success. You will learn how to keep the conversation flowing, spot trouble before it can derail the fun, and you’ll pick up some basic cyber-etiquette, if you dare—all to help you become the remote host with the most. There are hints on how to keep things interesting while the quarantine drags on, and even a few cocktail suggestions—it’s a truly unique booklet chockablock with entertainment value.

Printable download now available in the Etsy shop.

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